Healthcare for the Homeless

Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless 

We have been providing primary care and support services to Raleigh’s homeless community since 1987.  “People count on us,” says Anthony Hannah, our Practice Manager who oversees our Outreach Centers at the South Wilmington Street Center and the Women’s Center of Wake County.

Our Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless Program provides primary care, substance abuse services, diabetes education, behavioral health and many other services to people experiencing homelessness. The program is anchored at our Southeast Raleigh location, but patients of all ages can be seen at every location.

We have an Outreach Center at the South Wilmington Street Center, the Women’s Center of Wake County, and are adding more outreach centers in the near future. Men, women, and children are welcome.

We have many partners in helping the homeless:

  • Wake County Continuum of Care Collaboration
  • Wake County Homeless Working Group
  • Wake County Housing and Homeless Coalition
  • North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness

Learn more about our Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless Outreach Centers here.

Jimmy Goodmon


"My business cannot be successful unless the community is successful as well. Advance Community Health plays a key role in that success.”

Jimmy Goodmon, VP, CBC New Media Group