Patient Stories

Many of our patients are eager to share their stories. They love their Community Health Center and want their friends and neighbors to know about the services and resources available.

Meet Kyree: Community Health Center Takes Team Approach to Pediatric and Dental Care

Kawana Bland is 18-years-old, and has been coming to her Community Health Center since she was a child. So it was only natural for this young mother to bring her to own son hekyree and dentistre, to the same place where she had good memories of quality, compassionate care.

“This is my doctor. My sisters and nephew come here. It’s the only doctor I know.” As a Medicaid patient, she recognized that she had choices of where to bring her son, since many pediatric offices accept Medicaid patients. Kawana said “I want him to have the same advantages as me. They do good work here,” she says.

Plus, she appreciates the convenience and accessibility. It’s located across the street from the bus, and it’s open late several evenings a week. And the pediatrics practice offers early morning walk-in appointments. “It saves me a lot of time,” says Kawana.

Meet Toby: Visit to Community Health Center Saves Patient’s Life

"You saved my life, and I'm grateful," said Toby, a health center.

“You saved my life, and I’m grateful,” said Toby.

When Toby Davis came to our Louisburg location to refill a prescription for diabetes, he had no idea that all four of his arteries were blocked. A routine check-up and an experienced medical team revealed this life-threatening condition, and within a week he was having open heart surgery.

Today, Toby is grateful for the competent and compassionate care he received at Advance Community Health Center. As Toby puts it, “You saved my life, and I’m thankful.”

Toby came to Advance Community Health  because he could not find a doctor in Wake Forest who would see patients without insurance. He travels 30 minutes to Louisburg to get medical care on a sliding fee scale.

Due to multiple risk factors for coronary artery disease, a routine EKG was ordered when Toby came in to refill his diabetes medication. That test essentially saved his life. “If it hadn’t been caught, I would have died,” said Toby. He was immediately referred to a cardiologist, and within a week, he was having quadruple bypass open heart surgery.

The kind of coordinated care that Toby received illustrates the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of care. It encompasses comprehensive care, which in Toby’s case, included monitoring his diabetes; it is coordinated care, which connected.

Toby went to a cardiologist, where his electronic health records were immediately accessible; and it’s healthcare that is accessible; uninsured patients like Toby could not access healthcare in his own back-yard. And most of all, patient-centered care is engaging the patient in their own medical care. Toby can tell you that it works.

Health Centers Continue Outreach & Enrollment to Educate Consumers

i got covered pic

This consumer was happy to share the good news after meeting with a Certified Application Counselor. He proudly holds his sign: “I got covered!”

Before, during and after Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace, Advance Community Health continues to meet the needs of the community by educating consumers about their insurance options.

“We don’t do it alone,” says Outreach and Enrollment Manager Emily Mallasch. She explains the close collaboration with three community partners: Capital Care Collaborative, Enroll America, and Legal Aid of NC.

What’s our impact? Here’s a glance at how many people Advance Community Health reached during Open Enrollment Two from November 15 through February 15. Five Certified Application Counselors, including two bilingual staff, worked six days a week to provide assistance to consumers. Here’s our impact:

  • 17 enrollment events with community partners
  • 560 people assisted and educated about their insurance options
  • 449 Marketplace applications submitted
  • 209 newly enrolled individuals

Learn more about getting involved and donating

Tara Minter, JD


"Despite the region’s success, there are groups that lack basic health care. ACH continues to meet the needs of these citizens and seeks to expand its services by asking its partners to invest in it."

Tara Minter, JD