Health Needs Assessment

Wake County

Every three years, Wake County conducts a comprehensive community examination through a process known as the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The process is always a collaborative effort between all the local hospitals, Wake County Human Services, Advance Community Health and other safety-net organizations. Advance Community Health’s CEO serves on the Assessment Team and many staff members help support the project. The 2019 assessment  identified priority areas for Wake County being:

  1. Transportation Options and Transit
  2. Employment
  3. Access to Care
  4. Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders
  5. Housing and Homelessness

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Strategies are being created to address the identified needs. Stay tuned for ways to make your voice heard!

The Executive Summary and full report can be found below, which highlight the findings and priorities. 

 Franklin County

Advance Community Health also participates in the health needs assessment in Franklin County. The most recent copy of the State of the County Report can be found below, as well as, both the full report and Executive Summary.

Tara Minter, JD


"Despite the region’s success, there are groups that lack basic health care. ACH continues to meet the needs of these citizens and seeks to expand its services by asking its partners to invest in it."

Tara Minter, JD