Board of Trustees

Community-Based, Patient-Governed Leadership

Our Board of Trustees is driven by a passion to help people live healthier lives. They volunteer their time and expertise to help ensure healthcare is accessible for everyone, including those who face barriers. They want to push better care forward for all.

We are a community-based, patient-governed Community Health Center. Fifty-one percent of our board members are patients. Our patients have a voice, and they help guide us toward where we are needed most in the community.

We are now recruiting Advance Community Health patients for our Board of Trustees. Our patients have a voice on the Board of Trustees that guide us toward where we are needed in the community and help people live healthier lives. If you are a patient at any of our locations please consider joining our board and letting your voice be heard.

  • Laura Emerson Edwards, RN, MPA, Community Member
  • Tara Minter, Community Member
  • Acie L. Ward, JD, Patient, Southeast Raleigh
  • Johnnie C. Clifton, Sr., Patient, Louisburg
  • James W. Teagle, III, MBA, Community Member
  • Herman Wilkins, Patient, Southeast Raleigh
  • John Paul Womble, Patient, Southeast Raleigh
  • David L. Bell, Patient, Southeast Raleigh & Horizon Healthcare for the Homeless Representative
  • Alecia Taylor, Community Member
  • Marti Wolf, RN, Community Member
  • Desiree Peterson, Patient, Southeast Raleigh
  • Carla A. Mena, Community Member
  • Mazie Lewis, Patient, Southeast Raleigh

Interested in getting involved?

Join our Board of Trustees and let your voice be heard.

Join our Board of Trustees and let your voice be heard.

If you would like more information about opportunities for becoming part of our Board of Trustees or one of our Advisory Committees, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Annie at or call (919) 250-2923.


Raj Bahadur, Former Board of Trustees and patient


"People tend to appreciate things better when they are effected by them. Advance Community Health has been there for me when I needed them most. They provide immeasurable service to our community, especially the less fortunate."

Raj Bahadur, Former Board of Trustees member and patient