About Us

About our Name Change in 2015

Wake Health Services changed its name to Advance Community Health in August 2015. The name was changed to distinguish it from government human service agencies and to represent communities served beyond Wake County. The new name reflects the expanded offerings and transformation of the organization over the past 40 years. It speaks to the level of quality and commitment as it works to advance the healthcare of the community.

Why “Advance?”

  • It captures an action (“to advance”)
  • It portrays positive energy and why we’re here—to help our patients advance in their own healthcare
  • It shows how community health centers are progressive and provide quality care
  • It positions the organization at the forefront of helping to lead the community’s initiative to provide healthcare for everyone.


Our new logo:

  • The linking of abstract shapes and figures promotes the idea of community and connection.
  • The cross shape shows the universal symbol of health.
  • The different colors promote the idea of diversity and inclusiveness.
  • It carries the tradition of our heritage with the blue and yellow from our former logo.

Thank you:

  • Thank you to our Marketing Committee, made up of local public relations, marketing and branding experts, and Board of Trustees members, who advised on the rebranding efforts for the past two years. 
  • Thanks to local graphic artist Kim Ridge with KLR Design, who donated her time and expertise to create our new logo. 
  • Thanks to our website team, NMC, for the design and development of the new website!
  • Thank you to two photographers who donated their time to provide photography for our website and community outreach material: Amrit Wadhwa and Jim Allen, MD, Board of Trustees member.
  • And thank you to Forge Communications for providing direction and support of the rebranding initiative.