Voices of the ACH Community: Rhonda Angerio, SMITHSINNETTarchitecture

The SMITHSINNETTarchitecture Team
I became aware of Advance Community Health (ACH) through my job as an architect. I was impressed then and I am impressed now with ACH’s dedication to serve our community with great compassion. This is why SMITHSINNETarchitecture decided to sponsor a table at ACH’s 2015 breakfast.
As someone who has volunteered for many small local non-profits, I see the tremendous importance of protecting all aspects of a person’s physical and mental health.  As we watch services to those in need consistently decrease, it is more important than ever to contribute. ACH makes a point of meeting people where they live and making a big difference in their lives within the confines of a very strained budget.
ACH builds and preserves the health, wellness and ultimately the strength of our community. This is why I support Advance Community Health.
Tara Minter, JD


"Despite the region’s success, there are groups that lack basic health care. ACH continues to meet the needs of these citizens and seeks to expand its services by asking its partners to invest in it."

Tara Minter, JD