Providing Access to Healthcare, One Valuable Person at a Time

“Health insurance changed my life.” Meet Maria, a recipient of Advance Community Health’s Outreach and Enrollment services. Last year, Maria attended an Outreach and Enrollment event because she had never had health insurance before and did not know how to get started with the Marketplace. “I’ve always worked for what I have. I’m grateful to finally have health insurance and especially for the help to sign up, but I’m more glad I can pay for it too,” says Maria about getting insurance. Outreach worker, Kendra Hinton, says, “Providing health education and increasing the community’s awareness of the presence of health resources is necessary to advancing community wellness.”  

ACH Outreach team member, Kendra Hinton, helps a community member enroll in health insurance. 
When Maria is not farming or spending time with her 3 grandchildren, she is making sure her uninsured neighbors and friends are able to attend our Enrollment events. When asked about how she began offering rides she says, “I started telling everyone who would listen about my new insurance and offered rides to my buddies who can’t drive anymore or don’t have cars. It’s just something I do.” 
During the 2015-16 Enrollment Period, Advance Community Health has helped enroll 122 people into health insurance. With the Enrollment deadline of Jan. 31 quickly approaching, please see the panel to the left for our contact information and enrollment events.
Doris Batts-Murray, MD


“I feel that everyone regardless of financial standing, should have access to quality medical care delivered with care and respect.”

Doris Batts-Murray, MD