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We’re here to help you make every step ahead a move toward a happier and healthier life.

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Together with you, we’re ready to move better care forward for all.

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Join the Advance Team to move your career and community health forward.

When people have access to quality, affordable health care it lifts the entire community.

Advance Community Health connects neighborhoods to the medical services necessary to build bolder futures. Why? Because when it comes to healthy living, every person wants the security of knowing that the provider they choose for their family will assure advanced, compassionate care.  The Advance Team believes in meeting people where they are and then supporting their progress on the path to better health.

It’s our commitment to eliminate barriers and take a more holistic approach to care that sets us apart. It’s what allows us to put you at the center of everything we do.

Marilyn Dorsey, Practice Manager


“I find the work rewarding since we work to fill a void, to provide coverage where otherwise many patients could not receive the medical care needed.”

Marilyn Dorsey, Practice Manager